Time Travelling

Time Travel has always fascinated me but I have always wondered: Will it actually ever be possible? I am going to attempt to answer that question!

I mean, who hasn’t watched Back To The Future or The Time Machine and not wanted to travel through time?

First, I would like to clear one thing up, we all travel in time, Its the rate at which we travel that we want to change to make time travel possible. At the moment we travel at 1 second per second. How would we speed that up or slow it down? 

Albert Einstein, in my opinion, one of the greatest physicists, developed a theory called Special Relativity. This says that space and time are linked as space-time. It also says when you move through space-time, time goes slower for you than for the people you left behind. You won’t notice this effect until you return to those people.

This is a version of time travel which is proven to exist!

Einstein had another theory called General Relativity, which predicts that time passes more slowly for objects in gravitational fields than for objects far from such fields. So there are space and time distortions near black holes, where the gravity can be very intense.

These distortions have been used in space-time to think of possible ways time machines could work. Like the idea of “worm holes,” which may cut through space-time. In all time travel theories allowed by real science, there is no way a traveler can go back in time to before the time machine was built.

I would love to hear all your thoughts on time travel in the future so don’t forget to leave your comments below!


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